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10 Inspiring Daily Affirmations to Motivate Yourself Through Your Grief


Grieving Process

Posted On: Mar 31, 2017

10 Inspiring Daily Affirmations to Motivate Yourself Through Your Grief

Daily affirmations have the power to inspire and motivate you through a variety of situations. They can strengthen you when you falter and bolster you when you need a cheerleader. They're particularly useful during the grieving process. On those days when it's a feat just to get out of bed, you often need a boost, but it's hard to ask for help or encouragement from others during a vulnerable time. You know you have support from a variety of sources, but early in the morning, when everything is raw, and the pain stops your breath, you need yourself. The following affirmations will give you the strength to go on and face the day.

The Fullness of Your Feelings

I am here, and this is how I feel.

Acknowledging your presence in the world, as hurtful and empty as it is, can help you face what's coming throughout the day. It's also important to acknowledge your feelings and to give yourself permission to feel them no matter what they are. Grief is neither positive nor negative; it just is.

Releasing Your Control

I'm releasing any resistance I have to my situation.

You can't control your grief. You can't contain it. You can't control your emotions, either. It's impossible to deny what you feel and imperative that you don't try—lying to yourself isn't a habit you need to start.

Healing the Pain

I make the choice to heal myself.

Wallowing in grief is all too easy. While you should always feel your feelings and let your grief run its course, you have to realize that healing is an active thing. You have to participate in it. Sometimes, you have to push for it. Each day you make yourself face the world, you're choosing to heal.

Never Hold Back

I won't hold back today.

You cannot and should not hold back your feelings or your needs, especially now. That doesn't mean you have to behave tactlessly or inappropriately, but don't bury what you feel.

Letting Go

I can hold onto my love and let go of my grief.

It is at this point that pain becomes more bittersweet and eventually turns into nostalgia. It's a powerful place, a powerful realization. The love is the important thing. Losing it is devastating it, but you had it. Release the sadness and keep the love.

Honoring Your Loved One

Today, I will celebrate my loved one's life by living mine wholly and beautifully.

Being your best, doing your best, and giving your best—those are the most meaningful ways to honor the life of the person you lost. Make that gesture every day. Live your life in remembrance of your loved one.

Say these things to yourself anytime you can't muster up the energy or desire to begin your day. Please, share any affirmations that help you through times of loss and grief, as well.