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10 Reasons why a Virtual Memorial Is Better than a Gravestone


Remembrance of Loved One

Posted On: Oct 13, 2014

online memorial stone

Are you considering adding a virtual memorial along with the standard memorial for your recently departed loved one? In many ways an online memorial is better than a traditional gravestone. Here are some reasons why the addition of such a unique monument to a life is a great idea.

  1. It’s completely customizable. You can customize the memorial just the way the person would have liked it. Choose they type of monument, the background, and even the type of music that plays to greet visitors. And it’s easy to collaborate with family members remotely to design.
  2. It lasts forever. The comments, photos, and condolences left on the virtual memorial will be around forever, waiting for the next visitor to make his or her own addition.
  3. Virtual memorials preserve family history for future generations.Virtual memorials are a unique way to memorialize your loved ones today, but they are also a great way to introduce your children and their children to the person being memorialized.
  4. They provide a way for family members to communicate after the funeral.Sometimes you just don’t think of the perfect thing to say about the person until days later. With a virtual memorial, you can tell everybody what you feel when it comes to you.
  5. There’s no travel required. It can sometimes be difficult to travel to a funeral, especially for older family members. An online memorial gives those who weren’t able to attend the funeral a chance to share their feelings.
  6. They are convenient to visit, in time and distance.Visiting a gravestone means that you have to travel to get there and are restricted by what times of the day are open for visiting. With a virtual memorial, however, you can visit late at night or whenever you feel like it, right from your computer.
  7. It’s possible to visit a virtual memorial in complete solitude.When using your computer at home to visit the online memorial of a friend, you can feel free to express any emotions that you need to express, without worrying about becoming self-conscious.
  8. They bring family together. The virtual memorial can act as a meeting place online long after the traditional memorial service. Families can use this space to share stories and talk through their thoughts about the memorialized person, helping each other through the grieving process.
  9. They’re inexpensive. It’s relatively cheap to buy and maintain a virtual memorial, especially when you consider all of the costs usually involved in a funeral and burial. And none of the things typically included in a funeral can do anything like what an online memorial can do.
  10. They incorporate photos, music, and more. You can build a rich tapestry of memories on your virtual memorial, including photos celebrating the person’s life. You can even add a track of music that would fit the person’s taste, or pick something that people are sure to remember the person by.