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5 Outdoor Fitness Activities to Enjoy This Fall


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Posted On: Sep 13, 2016

5 Outdoor Fitness Activities to Enjoy This Fall

Fall is the perfect time of year for enjoying many outdoor activities. Not only is it beautiful and colorful outside, but the weather is also typically much cooler than the summer. While you may be tempted to laze around the house, getting out in the fresh air and exercising is good for you. Take advantage of the benefits of autumn with these 5 outdoor fitness activities.


Take in the fall beauty around you while hiking. You can truly enjoy the crisp air, colorful leaves, and cooler temperatures. While some people enjoy the journey up, the best part can be the view from the top of a mountain. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, many mountains have hiking trails for a range of skill levels. Choose a harder trail for an even better workout.

Mountain Biking

Burning calories can be fun and challenging during mountain biking. You could burn 500 calories in just an hour of mountain biking. If you’re interested in biking, always wear your helmet and remember to bring water. While it’s not as hot outside, it’s still important to stay hydrated.


If you’re looking for a less intense way to experience the advantages of exercising in the fall, try walking, jogging, or running. Most cities have plenty of walking trails at parks and schools. Make your walk even more special by taking your dog with you. If you’re into running, there are plenty of marathons during the fall that you can start training for now. These marathons provide you with the opportunity to exercise for a cause like breast cancer.

Horseback Riding

Whether you’re a beginner or pro, fall is a great time for horseback riding. Nothing screams autumn more than riding a horse in the countryside. Riding is great for your leg muscles and allows you to burn lots of calories. Also, many stables offer other fun fall activities like hay rides and picking apples.


Don’t just spectate this fall, get in the game yourself. Football can be a great way to exercise and lots of fun. Afraid of getting hurt? Play touch football instead. This is a great option if you’re playing with children. An hour long game of football can help you burn 400 calories and all you need is some friends, flags, and a ball.