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5 Steps Towards Change


Lifestyle Improvement

Posted On: Aug 31, 2016

5 Steps Towards Change

Making a permanent change in your personality or habits can feel impossible. It’s hard to change something about ourselves that we’ve learned to accept or others have encouraged. Recent research states that it takes 66 days on average to form a new habit. However, before you can work on making these changes you have to get in the right state of mind. Here are 5 steps to take towards making a change.

Think Positive

Focus on the positive aspects of what your change will do for you instead of what will be prohibited. For example, quitting smoking means you’ll be healthier, save money, and possibly live longer. A more personal example would be if you feel as if you’re too selfish and want to change, you can see the change as a way to have stronger and happier relationships with others.

Believe That It’s Possible

Wanting to change and believing you can do it are two very different things. You need to begin this process with the belief that if you try, you can succeed. Self-doubt will reduce any chance you have of meeting your goal. If you don’t believe permanent weight loss or running a 5k marathon is possible for you, you’re much less likely to do it.

Face Your Fears

Many of our bad habits are caused by an underlying psychological reason. It can be an issue with our childhood or a relationship that we haven’t resolved or a bad experience that we avoid addressing. Acknowledge that sometime in your journey to change, you will have to face this issue.

Change Your Patterns and Create New Ones

Disrupt your typical order of doing things to discourage the behavior you would like to stop. If your goal is to be kinder to others, start giving others compliments and smile more before a negative thought creeps into your mind. If you want to eat healthier, begin preparing your lunch for the week in advance to ward off the temptation of making unhealthy choices.

Words of Affirmation

Write yourself a note on your bathroom mirror, keep it on your phone, or somewhere else you can see it. Find positive words that inspire you to complete your goal and think about them throughout the day. The more positivity around meeting your goal to change, the more likely you are to continue to put in the effort it takes to make it a reality.