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6 Healthy Habits that You Can Start Today


Lifestyle Improvement

Posted On: Aug 29, 2016

6 Healthy Habits that You Can Start Today

Here are 6 healthy habits that you can easily start today.

Drink More Water

We all know that water is important, but are you drinking enough water? Chances are, you’re not getting the amount of water that is required for your weight. Drinking water helps improve your skin elasticity, curb your appetite, and reduce high blood pressure. Some great tips to encourage drinking more water include:

  • Keeping water nearby at all times
  • Setting a reminder on your phone
  • Adding cucumber or lemon to your water for added flavor

Go Outside

Spending time outdoors is good for your mind, body, and soul. Use your time outside to enjoy nature, walk, or get fresh air. The vitamin D from the sun is great for your body and nature is known to improve your mood. You’re sure to feel invigorated and rejuvenated after spending quality time outdoors. Other fun outdoors activities include:

  • Playing a sport
  • Walking your dog
  • People watching
  • Meditating


Staying active is great for your body and self-esteem. One of the top ranked reasons people don’t exercise is not having enough time. There are plenty of apps, programs, and trainers that can help create a quick program that gives you a good workout in 30 minutes or less. Exercising can help balance your hormones, control your weight, reduce the risk of diabetes, and strengthen bones and muscles. Some exercises you can start with are:

  • Cycling
  • Running
  • Walking
  • Basic Weightlifting

Keep a Journal

Writing down the events of your day and your feelings about them can be very therapeutic. Working through your thoughts on paper can lead you to find solutions to issues at work or confront situations at home that are bothering you. If you’re not interested in writing, you can try:

  • Listening or writing music
  • Creating art
  • Playing sports
  • Speaking with friends

Share Your Goals

Do you want to lose weight, save money, or break a bad habit? Enlist your friends and family to help you. When people you care about are aware of your goals, they’re able to hold you accountable. Your friends will also begin to share their goals with you or your journey towards being healthier and happier could inspire someone else to do the same.