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8 Self-Care Tips


Lifestyle Improvement

Posted On: Aug 26, 2016

8 Self-Care Tips

When you take care of your own needs, you’re able to give your job, family, and friends the level of attention and care they deserve. Take a look at our 8 self-care tips for success in your everyday life.

Make Time for Yourself

Between family, work, and other responsibilities it’s difficult to make time for yourself. Carving out even 5 minutes a day to disengage and clear your mind is incredibly beneficial. Unplug from technology and put your mental to-do list on pause just to have a few minutes to be in the present.

Have Goals

What would you like to accomplish in your life? It could be anything from starting your own business to getting more organized. Having goals helps us work towards self-improvement and any step we take towards achieving our goals gives us a sense of pride.

Reward Yourself

Treat yourself to your favorite ice cream, buy a new book, take a bubble bath, or buy a new leather jacket. It could be for any reason. You did your laundry before you ran out of clean clothes, finished your homework early, didn’t get a second donut at work, etc… Award yourself for anything you’ve done that’s a step towards your goals.

Learn Something New

Learning a new skill keeps your mind sharp, gives you something new to be passionate about, and often provides you with new social circles and opportunities. There’s also a sense of pride that comes with learning a new skill, especially if it’s something practical that can be used to improve your life or the lives of others.

Smile & Laugh More

Smiling is an action you can take to improve your overall happiness. Putting a smile on helps reduce stress and can even lift our mood. Laughter is also great for reducing stress by releasing cortisol from your body.

Shut Out Negativity

If you find yourself overwhelmed by negativity from friends and family, current events, or circumstances, start making choices to avoid the negativity and promote positivity. This could mean taking a step back from social media, changing the subject of conversation, or taking active steps to improve a situation. If the pessimism is coming from your own thoughts, stop every time you catch yourself thinking negatively and immediately think of something positive instead. This will be difficult at first but eventually, you will train yourself to automatically think of things that are more optimistic.

Learn How to Say “No”

Many people who don’t have time to take care of themselves are too busy taking care of other people. If this person isn’t in dire need of your help, learn how to say “no” sometimes. Being able to say “no” prevents others from devaluing your time and resources and allows you to spend more time doing the things you want.

Learn How to Ask for Help

Whether it’s a difficult project at work, moving across town, or relationship issues, learn how to ask for help. When we keep all of our problems to ourselves, we often become weighed down and stressed. The anxiety caused by our issues keeps us from finding worthy solutions. A great way to find solutions to your issues is asking for help. You’ll quickly find that others are willing to give their time or advice.