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9 Tips for Coping with Grief and Loss


Grieving Process

Posted On: Aug 25, 2016

9 Tips for Coping with Grief and Loss

During your grieving, it’s important to find healthy and productive ways to cope with the pain that will help you respect the loss of your loved one, refresh your mind and heart, and allow you to move on.

Get Support – To combat the loneliness find someone you feel comfortable sharing your feelings with. This could be a family member, friend, support group, or even a blog or forum.

Allow Yourself to Feel – Ignoring or running away from how your loss makes you feel is detrimental. Facing and acknowledging that you’re hurting is a step towards coming out of the situation as a stronger person.

Express Yourself - Enjoy painting, music, or a sport? It’s okay to use an activity you love to help you cope. If this is an activity that your loved one enjoyed too, it can help you feel closer to them.

Take Care of Yourself – Make sure you are getting enough sleep and are eating properly. If you are having issues with taking care of yourself, please see a medical professional.

Be Patient – Give yourself the time you need to heal and pay the proper respects to the memory of your loved one.

Write a Letter – Do you feel like you didn’t get enough time with the person you’ve lost or that words were left unsaid? Write them a letter to express what you’re feeling.

Create Your Own Memorial – If you’re visiting this website there is a chance you have done this already. Creating a place to remember your loved one allows you to be able to reflect and respect their memory in your own special way.

Don’t Be Hard on Yourself – Many people experience a flurry of negative and positive emotions after losing someone. Your feelings are valid.


Focus on Good Memories instead of What Could Have Been – Try to stay positive by keeping the pleasant experiences with your loved one in mind without focusing on the opportunities and the future that has been lost.