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Amazing Gift Ideas for Grandparents


Lifestyle Improvement

Posted On: Jul 14, 2015

grand parents gift tips

                Does one of your grandparents have a birthday coming up and you just can’t think of anything to get them? While it’s true that grandparents appreciate any kind of gift from their grandchildren, you can do better than a World’s Best Grandpa T-shirt. There are lots of other gift ideas for grandma and grandpa out there; you just need to be a little creative. To get your mind jumpstarted on some different gift ideas, take a look at these suggestions for presents for your dear grandparents.

grand parent gift


  1. Photo mug. Instead of that mug that proclaims your grandparents to be the “World’s Best,” why not create a custom mug that has photos of the grandchildren on it? This way, grandma and grandpa can wake up every day and enjoy their morning beverage while looking at their loved ones. Lots of places online offer photos mugs, like Snapfish and CafePress.
  2. Day trip to historical place. Do you live near a historical battlefield or monument? There are plenty of historical places of note scattered across the country. Why not take your grandparent there for a day trip and share a learning experience?
  3. Puzzle magazine subscription. Do your grandparents love to do crosswords, Sudoku, or other kinds of puzzles? Consider a magazine subscription to one of these kinds of magazines and their mailbox will have a new set of challenges in their mailbox each month. Puzzles are especially great for grandparents because research has shown they keep the mind sharp in our later years.
  4. Garden tools. Do your grandparents love to garden? Maybe they would like some accessories like a gardening stool that will help them enjoy their favorite pastime even more comfortably.
  5. The gift of Skype. Do your grandparents live far away from you? If you can’t visit often, think about finding a way to set up a videoconference with them. This might take some work, but if you have a relative or friend that lives near them and could help them set up a Skype or FaceTime session, it would be a great way to keep in touch.
  6. Old family movies. If you have stacks of old VHS tapes with family movies on them, take them to a video conversion store to have them converted to a digital format. This way, you can play the old videos on newer devices or even upload them to YouTube for everyone to view.
  7. Custom photo calendar. Just like the photo mug, this is a great way to integrate family photos into something useful. Just pick 12 photos that you know Grandma and Grandpa will love and upload to a website like Snapfish or CafePress and create your calendar. You can even choose photos that go well with each month’s season.
  8. Explore their ancestry. Websites like can open doors to the family lineage. This can be a good activity to share with the grandchildren as they can explore their family tree together.