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Benefits Of Having Pets When Grieving


Grieving Process

Posted On: Sep 07, 2016

Benefits Of Having Pets When Grieving

Grieving is a tough process to go through. However, having a furry friend there to console you can make the situation better. Many people consider their pets as their family and best friends. A cuddle session with a cat or playing with your dog is sure to boost your mood no matter the situation.

You’re Never Really Alone

Feeling alone is one of the most painful parts of grieving. While our pets may not be able to communicate with us through words, studies show that dogs and cats are able to read our emotions. Just having another living being around can make a difficult situation a little more bearable.

A Nice Distraction

Grooming, walking, and caring for your pet can be a great distraction. Focusing only on your grief can lead to even stronger feelings of guilt, regret, and depression. Your pets can help you disrupt negative thinking.

Keeping Things Normal

Having a pet requires you to keep a routine. They need food, water, and exercise on a regular basis. While you may feel like laying around, having Fido around will require you to do things that are good for you like going out for a walk.

Keeping Things Fun

One of the best things about pets is that they love to play. Whether you’re having a good or bad day, your pet will want playtime with you. Watching their goofy antics is sure to make you smile.

Feeling Loved

Never underestimate the power of love and touch. A sweet cuddle from your pet can help you feel connected and cared for.

What If I Don’t Have a Pet

Don’t have a pet but love animals? Visit a shelter or pet store and play with the animals there. The cute pets will warm the coldest heart. Some funeral homes also adopt dogs for the purpose of comforting grieving families.

If you have fallen into a deep depression or are experiencing grief that seems unbearable, speak to a counselor or therapist. Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) may be a treatment that is available to you. With AAT, volunteers bring their pets to your home or living facility for your therapy session. This is a great arrangement for those who can’t handle the responsibilities of having a pet.