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Can You Grieve Someone You've Never Met?


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Posted On: Feb 23, 2017

Can You Grieve Someone You've Never Met?

We live in a world where friendships are formed over invisible lines. It's not uncommon to meet lovers on the Internet, nor is it uncommon to make friends from all different walks of life and all corners of the world. Although you never meet, these people become part of your life. Maybe you met on Facebook, Twitter, through an app, or on a forum—it doesn't matter. A common hobby allowed you to virtually “meet,” but shared likes, interests, and feelings created your friendship. It's valid, and anyone who tells you otherwise simply hasn't experienced that type of bond. You form close, often deep connections, in part because you've never been face-to-face—it's so much easier to confess to the people who don't know us in real life, after all—and so when you lose these friends, of course, you grieve them.

Friendship Is Friendship

It's as simple as this. Friendship is friendship. Would you mourn an old high school or college friend you hadn't seen in years? Of course, you would. That person shared something with you. If your best friend moves across the world, will you be sad when they die? Naturally. Granted, you've met these people personally, but friendship isn't always based on being physically close, nor do you need to know what someone looks like to be their friend. Mourning any friendship is valid.

You Mourn the People Who Touch You

It doesn't matter who they are. It doesn't matter if you've never met them. That's why people grieve for the celebrities who touch their lives. Anyone who touches you leaves a hole when they die. Their death affects you. That certainly goes for friends you've met online, through apps or games, or even through pen pal programs.

It's Still a Loss

Talk to someone every day, and you notice when they leave you. There's a chasm there, a place that used to be filled, an emptiness. Anytime someone leaves a void in your life, it's devastating. A person you've never met can leave more of a void that someone you're related to when you think about it.

Friendships matter, regardless of how they're formed. If you lose a friend you've never met, your grief is still natural. It still hurts.