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Celebrating Your Pet's Life with One Last Big Day


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Posted On: Jan 16, 2017

Celebrating Your Pet's Life with One Last Big Day

We grieve for the ones we love, and that includes our pets. The choice to put down your pet is a devastating one, but it's also often the kindest decision for the animal. For the final time, you are caring for your pet. You're putting his or her needs before your own because you don't want the selfless, loyal creature you love so much to suffer or feel pain. When your pet is sick, old, or infirm, it's the right choice – indeed, the only option – but it's still difficult to say goodbye. Giving your pet one final perfect day is a lovely and loving way to celebrate the animal's life, spend time together, and say goodbye, all while giving your pet the send off he or she deserves.

Indulge Your Pet with a Decadent Meal

You already love spoiling your pet rotten, right? Dog, cat, rabbit, iguana—amazing pets come in all shapes, sizes, and species. Loving owners spoil their babies with all sorts of treats. On this special day, it's time to go all-out. Always avoiding foods that are dangerous or unsafe for your pet, of course, prepare him or her a meal fit for a once-in-a-lifetime animal. Give your beloved dog steak, ice cream, and any other specialties he loves. Treat the cat you adore to loads of fish, milk, plenty of catnip, and anything else she enjoys.

Visit All of Your Pet's Favorite Places

Does your pup love the beach? Does your cat enjoy lounging in the garden? If there are any particular spots your animal loves, today is the day to visit as many of them as possible. Maybe it's as simple as a walk around the block or a trip to the dog park.

Plan the Activities Your Pet Loves the Most

This is similar to the last point, but not entirely. Your pet might love nothing more than a good nap. If your dog can happily play fetch for hours, throw that ball until you're both tired. Maybe your cat is an odd feline who adores being in the shower. Go for a car ride, play tug-of-war on the floor, lounge around on the bed—let your pet pick.

Cuddle as Much as You Can

This speaks for itself. Spend as much time as possible just being with your pet. Pet your dog. Let the cat lounge on your lap. Keep your bird perched on your shoulder. Let your pet know how loved he or she is. Reassure the animal that he or she is safe, protected, and adored, and that you are always there.

Doing this will delight and calm your pet, and it will give you one last day full of memories. Losing your pet still hurts, but knowing that you gave the animal you love an excellent last day does make things a bit easier.