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Choosing the Perfect Urn for Your Loved One's Remains


Grieving Process

Posted On: Apr 04, 2017

Choosing the Perfect Urn for Your Loved One's Remains

No one wants to think about buying a receptacle for their loved one's earthly remains, but it's an essential consideration. For some, this means picking out a coffin. For others, it involves choosing an urn, which is what we want to focus on today. The idea of shopping for a container that will hold your loved one's ashes isn't a happy one, but it is necessary. Before you get to this point, it helps to know what you need to think about before you make your decision. That way, when the time comes, you won't feel confused or overwhelmed.

Think about the Size

Here's a practical question to consider. After cremation, adults leave between 3-7 pounds of ashes. The amount of ashes left will affect the urn you buy. However, if you're going to inter your loved one's cremains in a cemetery, then you also have to make sure that the urn you choose fits into the niche provided for that purpose.

Pick from Different Materials

Urns come in all shapes and sizes. They're also made with all types of materials. Bronze, copper, and brass are popular metals, but ceramic, porcelain, granite, and marble are durable, sturdy, and attractive as well. Wood is another option. There's one thing you want to do before settling on a material, however.

Decide on a Place of Rest

Where do you want to leave your loved ones cremains? If you intended to spread her or his ashes, for example, then you don't need an elaborate, expensive urn. A simple, reliable receptacle will do the trick until you free the deceased's ashes. Would you like to keep the urn outside in a place beloved by the departed? Then avoid something made out of wood, since it doesn't withstand weather very well. Similarly, don't choose a brass urn if you intend to bury your loved one's remains.

After you make these decisions, then you can start thinking about personalization. Urns can be found, bought, or made in a variety of interesting shapes and designs. For example, if your loved one was a reader, then you might want to inter her or him in an urn or receptacle that resembles a book.