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Commemorating the People You've Lost on Your Wedding Day


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Posted On: Mar 29, 2017

Commemorating the People You've Lost on Your Wedding Day

Creating space for the people you've lost on your wedding day is a lovely, heartfelt way to honor the memories of your loved ones while ensuring that their spirits are present on such an important day. The idea appeals to nearly anyone who's lost someone they love before making this kind of commitment in front of their nearest and dearest. As a result, there are ample ways to honor your lost relatives or friends. In the end, however, it comes down to what feels right to you. You might even come up with something original, personal, and unique.

Wear Something that Belonged to Your Loved One

Here's an ideal way for the bride to honor someone she lost, especially if she finds an item that qualifies as something old, something new, something borrowed, or something blue. A piece of jewelry, an old handkerchief or tie, a Bible—there are dozens, if not hundreds of small but personal items the bride or groom could wear to honor the memory of those who have passed on.

Mention Them in the Program

Here's another popular choice. Many couples choose to commemorate their loved ones in the program describing the ceremony. It's easy to find programs that include “In Loving Memory” or “In Remembrance Of” sections. If mentioning their names doesn't seem like enough, you can include messages, scripture, even poetry.

Burn a Candle in Memory

Memory candles fit right in with the ceremony, plus they're meaningful ways to remember the people who died. You may even include pictures of your loved ones behind or beside the candles you light for them. To make it even more touching, incorporate the candle lighting into the ceremony.

Save a Seat

Leaving an empty seat for loved ones lost is another sweet way to honor their passing and preserve their presence. Once again, consider including a photo, which you can place on the seat of the chair or on the back—perhaps you can turn it into part of the décor.

Playing the songs they loved is another idea, which can occur during both the ceremony and the reception.  With the right touches, it will feel like your loved ones are still there to witness your special day.