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Creative Ways to Deal with Grief


Grieving Process

Posted On: Aug 31, 2016

Creative Ways to Deal with Grief

Hobbies are a great way to help you heal dealing the grieving process. If you need a distraction that may also help you actively deal with your feelings during this time, there are plenty of activities to choose from. Activities like writing, singing, and drawing can be very therapeutic and are perfect for expressing your emotions.

Journaling or Blogging

If you can’t bring yourself to say it, write it. Writing down your thoughts is an effective way to deal with situations that are stressful or overwhelming. It often helps you rationalize and analyze your feelings and get to the core of a problem. This type of writing can be done in an actual journal or through a website like this one.

Writing Letters

In addition to writing down your thoughts, writing letters to yourself or a loved one who has passed can also be very beneficial. Use this opportunity to express how you felt about your relationship with them, what you’ll miss the most, and what you think a future without them will be like for you. Writing a letter doesn’t have to be a one-time event during the initial grieving process, you can write letters for holidays, life events, or just when you’re missing them.


Whether you’re speaking to your deceased loved one at their grave, sharing your story in a support group, or just having a conversation with friends, verbalizing your emotions can be helpful. Even when we are alone, saying how we feel aloud is affirming and therapeutic. When we tell others about our feelings, we open ourselves up to their love and support. Having our friends and family show how much they care is imperative while we’re grieving.


Music is a powerful force in our lives and helps us connect with our emotions. Singing a song that reminds you of a friend or family member who has passed will help you feel closer to them. It will remind you of the times you shared and how much this person meant to you. Music can help us keep people we care about with us, even when they’re physically gone.

Painting & Drawing

Some people prefer more abstract ways of processing the way they feel. Art can be interpretive instead of literal representations of our emotions. In fact, certain colors are said to represent specific feelings. For example, red is often considered to be the color of passion or anger. Artistic hobbies are also a great distraction and allow you to focus on completing your masterpiece.


Sometimes the best way to help ourselves is to help others. There aren’t many things that can make you as joyful as giving to another person. Volunteering opportunities are all around us. Read to children at a school, take dogs at a shelter for a walk or just come in and play with them, or visit a nursing home. Nothing will make you smile more than a child enjoying a book, a puppy galloping towards you, or an elderly woman who reminds you of someone you care about.