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Crying is Good For Us


Lifestyle Improvement

Posted On: Aug 28, 2016

Crying is Good For Us

Stress Relief

When we cry, we excrete stress hormones and toxins from our bodies. One of the hormones that leave the body through tears is cortisol, which has been linked to heart problems, weight gain, and other health issues. Studies also show that crying releases endorphins that lifts moods and can even reduce pain. We often feel much better about the situation after crying about it, even if the issue still exists. However, having a cry after a tough situation or problem is resolved is much more satisfying.

Connecting with Others

Crying immediately communicates our feelings of distress, anger, or sadness with others. Seeing us express honest emotion helps others connect and relate to us. This can lead to greater levels of trust and stronger relationships.  These situations also give us the opportunity to see the best in other people. Friends and family often do their best to cheer us up and show their support. There are even stories of pets going the extra mile to comfort their owners.

Let’s not forget the undeniable strength needed to be vulnerable. We are allowing someone else to see our true feelings and giving them the opportunity to accept or reject us. This is one of the bravest things we all can do.

Confronting Your Feelings

We are confronting our feelings in one of the rawest ways possible when we cry. In these moments, we’re not masking our feelings because we’re worried about how we look or what other people will think of us. We’re able to clearly see how our circumstances are affecting us and we’re given the opportunity to process and accept our feelings for what they are. If we choose not to accept our feelings, we often end up facing the tears again until we find a way to cope.

Disclaimer: If you find yourself crying multiple times a day you may be experiencing a mood disorder that requires medical attention. Please talk to a professional if you feel as though you are experiencing excessive or overwhelming crying.