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Different Options for Laying Your Pet to Rest


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Posted On: Apr 04, 2017

Different Options for Laying Your Pet to Rest

The pet memorial industry is finally growing to meet the needs and emotions of the pet-owning community. As a result, you have a world of options after losing an animal. It feels like you've lost a family member after a beloved pet dies. You always want to honor your darling's memory in a way that feels proportionate to the love you shared. Consider some of the most popular options now, just to make your decisions a bit easier when and if the time comes to plan a funeral or burial for your animal.

Plan a Backyard Funeral

It might be more personal, meaningful, and affordable to hold your own funeral service in the backyard. Your grief belongs to you, and this is likely the place where you and your pet had the most fun together. Invite your other family members and friends, or do it on your own. Pick out a spot that speaks to you, whether it's the place where your dog loved to dig holes or the area where your rabbit always ate clover. You'll know The Spot when you see it.

Have Your Pet Cremated

Your vet will likely offer this service, but if your animal dies at home, there are also funeral homes for animals. It's a wonderful way to keep your pet close to you no matter what happens in your life—i.e., even if you move away, you'll have your beloved pet's cremains with you. Choosing cremation always gives you the option to do different things with your pet's ashes, such as create a memorial or a piece of jewelry.

Arrange a Professional Funeral

As mentioned, there are professional funeral services that deal solely with animals. There are also pet cemeteries. This might be the right option for you, but first, you have to check and see if there are any services in your area. Keep in mind that the cost can go quite high.

In the end, you have to honor your pet in the way that's right for you. How do you lay your animals to rest?