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Don't Make Monumental Life Decisions While You Grieve


Lifestyle Improvement

Posted On: Jan 17, 2017

Don't Make Monumental Life Decisions While You Grieve

The urge to make an enormous change during a painful time is typical, perhaps even universal. There's a trope that pokes fun at how often women change their appearance after a breakup, but this is not a desire that's restricted to women, nor is it reserved for breakups. After losing someone, it's not unusual to feel compelled to change your life. However, this is not the time for major life choices, especially if your decision involves moving away from the site of your sadness. That doesn't mean you can never try something new and huge, it just means that it's better to wait until after you've gone through the worst of the grieving process.

You Cannot Flee Your Grief

This is often the urge behind the impetus to find somewhere new to live. Granted, this might well be the right decision, but not right now. Get through your pain and depression first. Let yourself feel your feelings during your bereavement. If you leave before you come to terms with your sadness, then it's always going to wait for you. Each time you go back to visit family, for instance, the grief you left behind will smack you in the face.

It's Not a Good Time for High-Pressure Situations

Simply put, this isn't the right time to put this kind of pressure on yourself or your loved ones, family members, and friends. Changing your career, your location, or your marriage could indeed be the right choice for you, but again, this isn't the time to make those types of decisions. They're too big. Wait a little while, at least until your mind isn't quite as clouded by loss and sadness.

Grief Messes with Your Concentration

This kind of deep sadness affects your mind as well as your heart. You can't always think clearly. It's hard to concentrate. Logic is often beyond you, as is critical thinking. It passes, of course, but it's important to keep it in mind while it's happening. Can you see why it's not a good idea to completely change your life while you're in the midst of this much pain? You can't weigh the pros and cons with enough clarity or perception.

A life change might benefit you, and that's fine. You don't have to stagnate as you grieve. You can start thinking about things you want to change during this period, in fact. Just wait to make plans until you come to terms with your loss and find closure.