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Every Animal Is a Therapy Pet When You're Grief-Stricken


Bereavement Relief

Posted On: Jan 09, 2017

Every Animal Is a Therapy Pet When You're Grief-Stricken

Therapy pets are extraordinary creatures, in part because so many animals are therapeutic by nature. Grief, too, can benefit from therapy pets, but you can turn to your animals or the pets belonging to friends and family for that soothing feeling. They may not be fully certified therapy animals, but that hardly matters—they'll do the trick for you if you're in depths of your bereavement.

Your Pet Knows You

Think about your pet now. Odds are he or she is all over you on bad days, particularly if you're sad or depressed. You get so many licks, cuddles, and squirms. Your cat purrs and tries to rub all over your face. Your dog brings you his favorite toy to make you feel better. Your pet can read your moods like no one else, particularly if it's honestly your pet. The furry little creatures know when you're grieving, too.

Animals Nurture Their Humans, Too

Bearing that in mind, realize that your pets know how to care for you, too. Granted, they don't do it in quite the same way you take care of them, but they nurture you nonetheless. You are your pet's human. When you aren't feeling like yourself, your pet knows and will do anything possible to distract you, take your mind off things, and make you smile.

It Helps to Take Care of Something

Speaking of the way you care for your pets, that care is essential during periods of sadness and grief. It's essential all the time, of course, but the act of caring for another creature takes your mind off of your depression. Knowing a small, lovable creature depends on you also puts things in perspective. Your sadness doesn't magically disappear, but for a while, it's not as pressing.

Pets Make You Active

Taking your pet for a walk, a romp in the park, or a stroll around the backyard is an easy but effective way to work through your grief. Even playing on the floor does the trick. Activity and exercise release endorphins, and the release of that feel-good hormone eases feelings of pain, sadness, and depression. Moreover, knowing that your pet is happy and excited to play with you will also soothe your grief.

Let your pets comfort you. Sometimes, it's easier to open up to animals, anyway. More to the point, pets represent unconditional love, and that is just what you need right now.