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Everyday Activities to Center You through the Worst of Your Grief


Bereavement Relief

Posted On: May 31, 2017

Everyday Activities to Center You through the Worst of Your Grief

We frequently discuss how to cope with overwhelming grief, but most of the time, after the initial shock, grief comes in dribs and drabs. It hits you unexpectedly at the oddest moments throughout the day, and although it doesn't last long, it sinks deep. To center yourself during those moments, when the sadness hits out of nowhere when you least expect it, you need everyday activities and easy, mundane things to do.

Give Yourself 15 Minutes a Day

Even if you feel okay on a particular day, take time for yourself anyway. Whether you take a break at work or between classes, or if you wait until you're at home in your own space, find a quiet place where you can be by yourself. You don't necessarily have to meditate, although you certainly can. Breathing deeply, focusing on your current emotion or a happier memory, and centering yourself will make you feel so much better. You can also take 15 minutes every time your grief overwhelms you.

Binge-Watch Whatever You Want

It's a simple, meaningless pleasure. The people closest to you will likely encourage you to get out and about, and that's certainly important, but not all the time and not before your ready. Some days, you just want to be alone. Binge-watching shows that entertain you, give you pleasure, or make you laugh is a low-key way to do that. You can also read a book, but watching a show or movie takes you out of yourself. You don't have to do anything—it's a passive activity, and that's often just what you need.

Attend a Grief-Driven Dinner Party

There are several interesting groups scattered throughout the country. They go by many names, but what they basically do is provide a monthly dinner party where grieving people can attend, eat delicious food, and share their stories as they laugh, cry, yell, and allow themselves to feel. It's cathartic, and it gives you the opportunity to seek out others who feel the way you do without necessarily attending a grief group or counseling session.

Go through Mementos

The best way to center yourself may be to immerse yourself in memories. When you need to feel close to the person you lost, go through the mementos you have of that person—pictures, ticket stubs, and other memorable odds and ends. As you look at all the items, you'll remember the stories attached to all of them. You can transport yourself back to those happier times and treasure them in your moment of sadness.

Grieve through Comedy

Laughter really is the best medicine. Become a joke connoisseur during your period of bereavement. It's okay if your sense of humor is currently morbid or dark. Just remember to tailor your jokes and stories to the company you keep.

What do you do to get through your grief on a day-to-day basis? What soothes you the most?