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Exercise & Grief – 4 Ways Exercising Can Help


Bereavement Relief

Posted On: Aug 31, 2016

Exercise & Grief – 4 Ways Exercising Can Help

When dealing with our grief, it can be hard to find healthy ways to cope. It’s easy to become weighed down by the negative circumstances and feel as if there is no way out of the sadness. We’re all aware of why exercise is important for your physical health, but it can also be instrumental in the grieving process. Exercising can be therapeutic, challenging, uplifting, and rewarding.

Therapeutic Benefits

Whether you’re lifting weights, swimming, or running, you have to focus on your body and breathing to perform at your best. Emptying your mind and concentrating on your body can be very therapeutic. Instead of being bombarded with the thoughts and feelings of your loss, you’re able to focus on one thing that requires your complete attention.

Positive Change

It doesn’t take long before you notice the changes in your energy level, mood, and body from exercising. The pride, self-confidence, and feeling of accomplishment will encourage you to continue to make positive changes in your life. At this stage, we recommend creating goals. Have you always wanted to do a mud run or a marathon? Begin training for a specific event or challenge yourself to lift more weights, do more reps, or go a longer distance.

Help with Sleep

Studies show that people who regularly exercise report sleeping longer, being better rested, and waking up less during the night than those who don’t exercise. A challenging exercise routine will help you expel energy and tire your body. Getting enough sleep helps us to face each day with a clear, healthy mind. This is especially important when we’re grieving.

Maintaining a Routine

It’s easy to fall into despair when we’re grieving. Having a routine will help you develop a normal schedule and gives you the ability to focus on something other than your loss. Structuring your time to stay active and social can be an important way to encourage healing.

Improved Mood & Mental Health

Exercising is known to help minimize the effects of stress, depression, and anxiety. These feelings are often experienced by those who have lost a loved one. Regular exercise helps relax tension and your muscles which lead you to feel less stressed. Practicing mindfulness while exercising increases these benefits. By focusing on your exercises, you will learn to trust yourself and perfect the exercises. This can be very encouraging and lead to a new-found confidence.

Grieving isn’t easy but exercise can be a step towards healing. Improved mental health, maintaining routines, and improved sleep are only a few of the benefits. Need help starting? There are many exercising apps and websites to help.