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Exploring the Benefits of Grief Counseling After a Loss


Bereavement Relief

Posted On: Jan 23, 2017

Exploring the Benefits of Grief Counseling After a Loss

Death is something we all have to face. We will all cope with it, we will all deal with it, and it will touch all of us. In other words, it's natural—one of the most natural things in the world, in fact, second only to childbirth. Grief, too, is a universal emotion. However, that does not mean everyone reacts to it in the same way. Although there are people who go through the grieving process at a steady pace and come out on the other side in due time, others simply cannot cope on their own. They cannot get over their loss. There's no shame in that, none at all. It is at that point that grief counseling might benefit you, though.

Grief Counseling Helps You Focus

Naturally, you know the cause of your grief—your loss. However, hidden factors can affect your sadness and depression. Something beneath the surface may actually prolong your bereavement. A grief counselor, through a series of gentle questions, memory probes, and other exercises, can pinpoint the feelings that make your grief worse. For example, perhaps you're harboring feelings of guilt, remorse, or anger.

You Have a Safe Space to Explore Your Sadness

It's hard to let your emotions loose around your family and friends during a period of bereavement. You feel like you have to stay strong, stoic, and supportive for everyone else. That's neither true nor necessary—and, in fact, it's frightfully unhealthy. You cannot hold in your feelings. They will eat at you, festering and making you miserable. With a grief counselor, you're under no obligation to bury your feelings. You can release anything you need to in a quiet, calming place with no judgment.

The Counselor Teaches You Coping Mechanisms and Strategies

How is your grief affecting your daily life? Perhaps you are lethargic and lacking energy, maybe you can't sleep, or you just can't know how to pick up the threads of your regular life. Your grief counselor will help you to move forward, one step at a time. In addition to that, he or she can help you to come up with strategies to re-engage with your life and to focus on the warm memories without getting bogged down by the painful ones.

Everyone needs help sometimes. If you're struggling to overcome your grief, reach out and ask for support.