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Finding Your Passion


Lifestyle Improvement

Posted On: Sep 16, 2016

Finding Your Passion

With all of the responsibilities and stress we experience throughout the day, it’s easy for us to lose ourselves. Finding your passion can help you stay grounded and bring a new sense of purpose and happiness to your life. Here are some tips on how to find your passion.

Think of Your Interests

Your passion could be based on something that you already love or care about.  Think of the ways you enjoy spending your free time and consider if your passion can spring from one of your current interests.

Follow Your Curiosity

Research and explore anything new that grabs your interest. You can become inspired by visiting an art gallery, learning about new technology, or just going out with friends.

If You Dislike It, Quit

If you try something that you don’t feel compelled to continue doing, then quit the activity and try something else. When you find your passion, you will know. You’ll feel recharged and excited.

Think Back

Think about the things that you loved to do as a child for inspiration. When you were younger and felt like anything was possible, you had the time and imagination to explore everything you were interested in. The things that made you happy as a child could still make you happy now.

Be Adventurous

Never danced before but think you’d like to learn how to salsa? Try it! You’re risking very little by attending one class. If the thought of going alone makes you feel anxious, then ask a friend to come with you.

Spend Less

Don’t make a huge financial investment into a hobby until you know it’s something you truly enjoy doing. By spending less money on activities early on, you’re able to try many different hobbies until you find one that works for you.

Take a Risk

You won’t know unless you try. You could fall in love with an extreme sport or activity. Try not to limit yourself based on fears or negative thinking.

Ask Someone Who Knows You

A close friend or family member may have some ideas of activities you would like and be willing to accompany on your journey to find your passion. They may also be able to remind you of interests that you have been passionate about in the past that can be rekindled.