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Five Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Happiness


Lifestyle Improvement

Posted On: Aug 24, 2016

These are five things you can start doing today to improve your happiness and quality of life.
Forgive Someone
We all have had someone who has disappointed us, hurt us, or let us down. Holding on to that hurt is more detrimental to us than it is to the person that wronged us. Being resentful is like drinking poison and hoping your enemy is the one who is harmed by it. Many times when we struggle with forgiveness it’s because it feels as if the person got away with hurting us. Forgiveness is for you and about you, not about the other person.
When you choose forgiveness you're allowing yourself to let go of the burden this other person has placed on you. You forgive them so you can move on with your life. The space you had filled with resentment is now open to loving others, richer life experiences, and happiness.
Give to Someone
Giving back to your community or helping someone in need always puts a smile on your face. It will improve your self-esteem, self-worth, and morale. Being able to assist others makes you feel as if you can truly make a difference. Your contribution to the betterment of society could even inspire someone to pay it forward by helping someone else. You can give to others by:
Visiting a nursing home
Making dinner for a loved one
Actively listening and caring about other’s lives
Offering advice
Helping a friend move
Buying a thoughtful gift
Running an errand for a loved one
Be Grateful
An attitude of gratitude always makes you happy. Start each morning by remembering one thing you have to be thankful for. You’ll soon realize how much love, care, and luck you have in your life. Your attitude of gratitude will quickly spill over to all aspects of your life. Instead of taking things for granted, you’ll realize how invaluable your life is. Your new happiness and thankfulness could turn into better performance at work, better relationships with friends and family, and less stress and anxiety.
Spend More Time Doing What You Love
When we're doing what we love, we have no choice but to be happy. Take charge of your happiness by making time for your hobbies. Love traveling? Start saving up for a trip to one of your favorite destinations. Enjoy hiking or the outdoors? Work ahead or put in extra hours at your job so you can have a day off to enjoy time in the wilderness. You can also sacrifice spending time on other leisure activities so that you have more time for your hobbies. Instead of watching an hour of television, spend an hour on your favorite hobby instead. Having time to do the things we love allows us to come back to our families and jobs refreshed and rejuvenated.
Get Sufficient Sleep
Being tired is guaranteed to put you in a bad mood. Prioritize your health and happiness by ensuring that you give yourself the time and materials needed to have a good night’s sleep.  When we sleep well we are all-around better people. We’re more fun to be around, we perform better at work, and we generally feel better about ourselves. For better sleep you can:
Replace your mattress or add a memory foam mattress topper to improve comfort
Turn off the lights, tv, and computers to avoid glare and distraction that can delay sleep
Avoid caffeine in the evening
Free your mind by resolving issues before bed so that you can relax in peace