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Five Ways to Lighten the Mood


Bereavement Relief

Posted On: Sep 09, 2016

Five Ways to Lighten the Mood

Dealing with a death of a loved one can be depressing. It’s easy for this hardship to rob you of your joy and happiness. Lightening the mood can help you cope with your loss and is a great opportunity to encourage your friends and family who have also been affected. Here are five ways to lighten the mood during a difficult time in your life.

Focus on the Good

Share stories about the friend or family member who has passed with others. You can swap funny stories and the positive ways this person has impacted your life with those who are grieving. This will also help them to think positively and focus on the good memories. You’ll also hear amazing stories about your friend or family member for the first time. If the person that has passed is a relative, you may learn things about your family that you never knew before.

Talk About Life Changes

Has a baby been born into one of the family’s affected by the loss? Has anyone recently gotten married or received a promotion at work? Showing interest in the lives of your fellow grievers can help take their minds off of the loss and remind them of the good things that are happening in their lives.

Get Nostalgic

Participate in an activity that reminds everyone of good times with their lost loved one.  It could be watching their favorite cartoon from when they were a child, listening to their favorite musical artist, or watching their favorite movie. Reminiscing on their favorite things will help you feel more connected to this person and may bring back good memories.

Get Active

Take time to clear your mind and cleanse your soul by being surrounded by nature. Go outside and enjoy the sunlight and breathe in fresh air. Sunlight is known to help improve your mood. If you can encourage others to join you, it’ll make your time outside even better.

Find Strength

Finding strength in something other than yourself can help relieve some of the stress and depression caused by the death of a loved one. Many people turn to religion or the strength of those who love them to get through tough times. Feeling as if you’re not facing this loss alone can give you the courage you need to get through the day.