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Forgetting the Sound of a Loved One's Voice


Loving & Caring Thoughts

Posted On: Feb 21, 2017

Forgetting the Sound of a Loved One's Voice

This happens to all of us, but that makes it no less heartbreaking and no less terrifying. Following the death of someone you love, even the memories fade over time. You try to hold on, and pictures, videos, and other memorabilia help. All the same, there will come a time when you can't remember a loved one's voice—your grandfather, your best friend, your child, your sister, your wife. You used to call up the sound instantly, but now it's fuzzy, muffled, and not at all what you remembered.

It Feels Like Losing Them All Over Again

Logically speaking, you can't expect yourself to remember the sound of a voice you haven't heard in quite some time. Logic has no place in grieving or emotions, however. Losing this small but essential piece of the person who passed can rock you to your car. It feels like you're losing her or him for the second time, and the pain is nearly as deep and sharp as it was the first time. Even if sadness doesn't bring you to your knees, you'll likely spend a few days dealing with a depression related to the situation.

Make Time to Watch Some Videos

If you're lucky enough to have videos or recordings of your loved one, now is the time to watch them. It may hurt, and you will probably cry, but the more you watch and listen, the easier it is to remember what you're hearing. That beloved voice will gradually creep back into your subconscious. You might even want to make it a regular thing, especially if you're eager to remember as much as possible.

Plan a Memory Share

Gather other family members and friends who were close to the deceased. Organize a memory share event. Stage it at your home, or another relative's—someplace cozy, inviting, and comforting. You can bring food, watch old home movies, and just support each other. However, the most important thing you'll do involves asking everyone to share their favorite memories of your loved one. Having past events called up in such vivid detail can help cement your loved one's place in your mind.

Everyone says you have to let go at some point, but that isn't always possible or advisable. There's no time limit on grief. You can miss someone for decades.