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Getting Away after a Loss: In Favor


Bereavement Relief

Posted On: Feb 08, 2017

Getting Away after a Loss: In Favor

The grief community can't come to a consensus regarding the subject of going away after a loss. Some praise it as a way to get past the worst of the grief while others advise against the urge to flee. Perhaps, then, it simply comes down to the individual, the loss itself, the memories at home, and the magnitude of the bereavement felt. It comes down to each person to decide if they need to get away. To that end, there are several advantages to getting away after a loss that may place you in favor of it.

It's a Chance to Refresh

Frankly, it's necessary to restore, restart, and renew yourself after a loss. Grief and depression change you. The lack of energy, loss of sleep and appetite, and unrelenting sadness all take a mental, physical, and emotional toll. In some cases, the only thing you can do is get away. It's no bad thing to take time for yourself, even if you decide to go off on your own. Solitude is often more soothing than all the company in the world.

You Can Grieve Privately

Not everyone wants to grieve in a group. You love your family, friends, and loved ones who come together to mourn your loss with you, but that doesn't mean that you don't crave privacy and solitude. Going on a trip, even a short one, might be the only way you get that vital time on your own. If you need this time, take it. You know what your mind and body need better than anyone else.

Sometimes the Memories Are Too Much

The memories, the grief, the sadness—sometimes these things are simply too paralyzing, and you cannot wait out the grieving process. Although you still have to face all of your memories when you get back, taking time away during the worst of your depression can help. If you feel yourself falling into a deeper spiral, you have to do the right thing for you. Staying where you are might keep you from getting past your loss.

Again, only you can decide if a small holiday or a long vacation are right for you. You may even choose to pick up stakes and move somewhere else entirely. Just make sure you consider all the advantages and disadvantages before booking your ticket or making travel arrangements.