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Getting Through Grief When You Can't Talk about It


Grieving Process

Posted On: Mar 03, 2017

Getting Through Grief When You Can't Talk about It

There are many reasons why you may not want to talk about your grief. Maybe you don't feel comfortable voicing your emotions. Maybe, in particular, you don't want to share them with anyone close to you, or any person who knew the departed. Perhaps you're not encouraged to talk about your bereavement. You might not have anyone to talk to as you grieve. Whatever the case, there's still help available to you. You don't have to go through this alone, even if you are alone or simply feel that way. Several options lend themselves well to solitary grief, some of which provide support from unexpected sources.

Join a Message Board

The Internet is full of message boards and discussion groups for every topic under the sun—including bereavement, death, grieving, and healing. Grief is a multi-faceted emotion, and discussion boards are just as detailed. If you're a widow/er, there's a group for you. Did you lose a twin? There's a group for you, as well. Are you reeling from the news of a loved one's fatal diagnosis? Online, you'll find people who understand exactly how you feel. Because it's easier to talk to strangers and because it's easier to type anonymously than to speak, message boards are an ideal way to deal with your sadness, anger, or fear. The strangers with whom you share become friends, part of a “family” connected by a loss.

Research Different Resources

From webinars to articles like this one, the Internet is also full of resources that can help you deal with loss, death, and bereavement. You can read accounts from people who have been in your shoes, identify the different types of grief, as well as the main stages, and you can pinpoint what you're experiencing. Even documentaries about death, healing, and grief are helpful. Firsthand accounts remind us that we're not alone, that other people have felt this anguish and devastation, as well.

Read Self-Help Books to Heal

Don't scoff at the self-help genre. It's not all about how to manifest your happiness or dream your way to the “ideal” weight. There are books dedicated to every problem, emotion, and situation under the sun. The right book can help you renew your interest in your regular life, for instance, or guide you through the acceptance phase of anticipatory grief.

You're never really alone. You just have to know where to look for help. Someone is always out there, full of understanding and waiting to listen.