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Here's How to Celebrate a Family's Rainbow Baby Announcement


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Posted On: Feb 06, 2017

Here's How to Celebrate a Family's Rainbow Baby Announcement

A rainbow baby is the baby born to a mother, a couple, or a family after they lose a child through a miscarriage. Because rainbows represent celebration and hope, appearing as they do after a storm, they are the perfect descriptor for the blessing that comes after an angel baby. Regrettably, the subject of miscarriage is still a touchy one. It's hard to know what to say, how to behave or even if you should acknowledge the loss. Those questions arise again when a couple announces the coming of a rainbow baby. The simple answer is that you should celebrate the entire family. Here's how.

Send In the Rainbows

An announcement after a miscarriage generally means that it's safe and the family is all ready to celebrate. It's time to shower them with rainbows. Send a warm message with a rainbow emoji. Surprise them with a surprise delivery—a rainbow fruit or flower bouquet, cake, or another rainbow-themed treat. Knit a rainbow blanket, booties, or cap. You might even include a few angel details to acknowledge the angel baby. In fact...

Talk about the Angel Baby

Many mothers, couples, and families who lost a baby due to a miscarriage remember that child forever. The baby is forever a part of their family. Feel free to say the angel baby's name. Write it out in messages and letters. Of course, you should only do this if you know the family is comfortable with it. Follow their lead.

Throw a Baby Shower—After the Rainbow Baby Arrives

Here's a twist on the traditional baby shower, which typically occurs a month or two before the due date. By planning a shower that occurs after the birth of the new baby, you can include the entire family—up to and including details about the lost baby. A post-birth shower is also thoughtful in light of the family's loss. As a bonus, the relatives and friends who attend will know exactly what the baby and the parents need, as well as the exact sizes to get.

Recognize This as a Time of Happiness and Sadness

This is bittersweet for the family. A loss is a loss is a loss, and the rainbow baby does not replace the child lost before birth. After the baby comes, the parents might need some time and space to themselves before they're up to seeing anyone, socializing, or introducing their new addition to their loved ones. They're not cold, selfish, or distant. They're just going through an experience that's unique to the parents of a rainbow baby.

You can and should always ask the mother or the parents if you can do anything to help. From babysitting services to a home cooked meal to a simple hug, they'll welcome your love and support. Celebrate with them while acknowledging what they've lost.