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Holistic Healing Options Ease Your Grief Naturally


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Posted On: Feb 14, 2017

Holistic Healing Options Ease Your Grief Naturally

Going through the grieving process on your own is, of course, the ideal way to get past your sadness, but it's not always possible to let your feelings run their course. Grief is heavy. It causes stress, tension, anger, angst, and insomnia, among other negative emotions. That's exhausting. You can reach a point where it feels like your whole body is grieving. At that stage, you may need outside help. Not everyone wants to try the standard options pushed by traditional medicine, however, such as sleeping pills and antidepressants. A holistic approach to healing might serve you better. Try one of these methods instead.

Open Up Your Grief with Acupuncture

In truth, acupuncture offers a wealth of health benefits. The practice, which involves the practitioner inserting extremely fine needles into specific, designated spots in the body, can relieve stress, improve the flow of your energy, and it opens up your emotional centers. It opens up your grief, as well. There are also special forms of acupuncture meant to heal your emotions after a loss. They do this by focusing on the points in your body that are in charge of emotions, sadness, and letting go.

Improve Your Mood with Aromatherapy

The essential oils and calming fragrances used in aromatherapy have a tremendous effect on your mind, body, heart, and soul. This is something you can do at your home, with a professional, or even at a healing spa. The key is to find the essential oils that evoke positive, healing responses, improve sadness and depression, and boost mental health.

Book a Quiet Yoga Class

Yoga is an incredibly grounding, soothing, and calming activity under the best of circumstances. While you're grieving, you rarely feel like engaging in physical exercise, but it's often the best thing for you. Yoga, in particular, is so spiritual that simply forging a connection between your body and your mind will improve your ability to heal. The exercise will act as a balm to your emotions.

Turn to Reiki for Relief

Reiki is a Japanese spiritual practice that treats the mind and the body. A Reiki practitioner places her or his hands on specific parts of your body, using soothing motions and techniques. Done correctly, Reiki not only draws out negative energy—anger, sadness, pain—but it also transfers life energy and improves your body's overall balance.

All of these activities open up your emotions, which is essential for healing. Many of them can take place right in your home if you aren't ready to reenter the world but remember that if you choose acupuncture or Reiki, you'll have privacy in a quiet, soothing environment.