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Honoring the Memory of Your Father Figures on Father's Day


Loving & Caring Thoughts

Posted On: May 30, 2017

Honoring the Memory of Your Father Figures on Father's Day

Father's Day is about fathers, of course, but not all families are nuclear, so it's also a day spent celebrating grandfathers, older brothers, uncles, stepfathers, and father figures. The man in your life who taught you lessons and loved you fiercely is the man to remember on this special day. Losing someone like that leaves a palpable ache. It doesn't matter if you were blood-related or not. This Father's Day, remember the man you loved, trusted, and respected by calling forth his memory.

Write a Letter to Your Loved One(s)

How long has it been since you lost your father or father figure? How many Father's Days have gone by without him? Think about that, as well as all the things you wished you could say, ask about, and explain over the years. Use the day as an opportunity to share all of those things with your departed father. Write a letter to him and pour out your heart. There's no limit to what you can say, no rules to follow, and no expectations. Write down what's in your heart. What you do with the letter afterward is up to you. Place it safely in a keepsake box and perhaps add another letter every year, particularly if the act is cathartic or soothing for you. Take the letter to your father's grave. Tie it to a balloon or a paper lantern and let it fly away.

Share His Favorite Stories

Almost every dad has a selection of stories that he loves—or loved—to share with his family members, friends, and even strangers. That goes for grandfathers, brothers, and uncles, as well. Remember the man you're honoring on Father's Day. What stories did he tell over and over? What were the funniest, the most touching, or the most meaningful? Did he tell them with any special flourishes or particular sound effects? Find an audience and tell his stories. Share them with relatives and friends, share them with people you know, or if you feel comfortable, tell them to strangers on the street—let them know that it's in memory of a man who meant the world to you.

Celebrate in His Memory

If your dad or father figure were still with you, what would the two of you do on Father's Day? How did you usually celebrate? Spend the day doing just that. Participate in the activities he loved the most. Maybe he went fishing every Father's Day. Take a group who misses him just as much and cast your line all day long. Did he throw a barbecue for family and friends every year? You should do the same. The point is to honor his memory. Do the things he loved doing. Eat his favorite foods. By sharing in the activities and hobbies he enjoyed, you can connect with his spirit and his memory.

Getting through a day that's meant to celebrate a relationship you no longer have is often heartbreaking. You feel the loss, especially when you see others spending time with their fathers, grandfathers, and other parental figures. You can get through this day, however, and not only that, but you can experience a connection with your dearly departed dad, as well.