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Honoring Your Heroes on Memorial Day


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Posted On: Mar 30, 2017

Honoring Your Heroes on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is more than just a holiday that allows us to take time from work and school. It is a day that's meant to honor our fallen soldiers, those who passed on the battlefield and those who died on their home soil. Many people get it mixed up with Veteran's Day, a day to honor living veterans, but that's understandable because the two are inextricably linked by the collective spirit and courage of the people being honored with each day. As such, you can make the holiday a mix of activities that involve celebrating fallen soldiers and veterans.

Visit the Memorial Sites of Your Loved Ones

Do you have fallen soldiers in your family or circle of friends? Visit their grave sites or any other memorial spots that mark their lives, their sacrifices, and their courage. It's common for families to decorate their loved ones' graves with flowers, flags, and photographs, as well as personal items and touching mementos. You may choose to go alone because the time spent with someone you've lost, especially if they died far away from home, is intensely personal. Then again, you might want to visit this special space with the whole family—even if you make two trips.

Spend Time with the Veterans in Your Life

If there are any veterans in your life, family, or social circle, then you can honor your lost loved ones by spending the day with their living brothers and sisters in arms. Listen to their stories, and share what you know of your lost soldiers. Even if you simply visit a veteran on your street, you're doing a lovely, thoughtful deed.

Volunteer with a Veterans Organization

Again, although Memorial Day and Veterans Day are distinctly separate, you can meditate on the spirit and bravery of the heroes in your life by giving back to the men and women who gave to the same cause. Memorial Day is special for active soldiers and veterans, as well. It celebrates the soldiers who came before them. Any one of them would no doubt love to have some company on the holiday.

Memorial Day is a day that honors the dead collectively, as well as individually. You may even want to make a pilgrimage to some of the memorials for soldiers in your state, or in other areas of the country, such as D. C.