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Honoring Your Loved Ones during Spring's Rebirth


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Posted On: Mar 16, 2017

Honoring Your Loved Ones during Spring's Rebirth

Mourning is harder during the winter. Grief itself seems to sink deeper and linger longer during those endless three, four, or five months. Often, spring brings with it a feeling of rebirth and renewal. After all, it's the season of hope. Even if you're still grieving the loss of someone you love, the longer days, the return of the sun, and the sudden appearance of flower buds, green grass, and tentative birds all make you feel hopeful, new, and as if life is worth living again. Spring is a wonderful time to pay tribute to the person, or people, you lost, whether it happened the year before or decades ago.

Spruce Up Their Resting Place

After a long winter, cemeteries are often left in terrible shape. Snowstorms, ice, and even the spring thaw can topple gravestones, crack and damage monuments, and cause the lawns to look like they're made up of mud rather than grass. As soon as the cold breaks in earnest, and spring officially arrives, visit your loved one's final resting place and spruce it up for the new season. Bring flowers and other items. Plant grass seeds or other plants, if it's allowed, of course. Clean up anything you can. If you feel up to it, you might do the same thing for people in nearby spots, even if they aren't family—their loved ones will be grateful and pleasantly surprised by your act of kindness.

Plant Something Meaningful

You might want to plant a tree in memory of your loved one. Spring is the ideal time to do it. You might even choose to plant a grove of trees. Memorial gardens are lovely, as well, and many people till the earth come spring to plant a garden for someone they love. Fill it with the flowers and plants your loved one adored the most. Alternately, you can also plant the fruits and vegetables the deceased loved the best.

Host a Get-Together to Share Memories

With the warm weather and sunshine making you feel alive and hopeful, it's the perfect time to turn your grief into something more positive. On a lovely day, ask the relatives and friends of the departed to come to your home. Host a party or get-together for all the survivors of this sad event. Serve your loved one's favorite foods and invite everyone to share memories of the deceased.

This is the season that can inspire you to start living again. You can do so much to honor your loved one. What would you like to do?