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Hospice Care: Is It Right for Your Loved One?


Grieving Process

Posted On: Oct 27, 2014

hospice care

As difficult as it may be to acknowledge that a loved one is ready for hospice care, it might be the right decision. Hospice care can help the person feel as comfortable as possible during their final days. But how do you know that hospice care is right for your loved one? And if you do decide to utilize hospice care, how do you know when the time is right? All of these questions can be answered in detail by a hospice care worker when you think the time may be right. For now, let’s look at some details that might be indicating that the time has come for hospice care.

                Generally speaking, hospice care is initiated when the patient is expected to have six months left to live. Of course, different situations call for different schedules based on the patient’s health and comfort. Hospice care is a specially designed type of care that allows a person to be as comfortable as possible after all medical treatment options have been exhausted. Hospice instead focuses on managing pain and providing emotional support. It also provides counseling for grieving friends and family members.

                If a person’s health is in continual decline and the doctors say that there are few options remaining for treatment, it is time to consider hospice care. If daily tasks for the patient are impossible to manage, or if living alone is no longer an option, hospice care can help. The specialized care program can also help friends and family members who are becoming both physically and emotionally overwhelmed in dealing with the illness.

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It is important to note that hospice care isn’t surrender or a way to hasten the patient’s death. Instead, choosing to provide hospice care for your loved one is a compassionate gesture that can help both the patient and their loved ones deal with the immense transition that everyone is being affected by. Opting for hospice care is also an important part of the grieving process, as it provides a degree of acceptance of the situation. Hospice care isn’t just for the patient, either. The service is about making the last weeks or days of someone’s life as comfortable as possible so they are able to communicate with their loved ones and have time to say goodbye.

If you think the time is right to consider hospice care, the first step is to speak with everyone involved in providing care for the patient. This includes not just doctors and medical staff, but friends and family members who have been caring for the patient. Ultimately, the decision to employ the services of hospice care providers is a very personal decision that can only be made by the patient. It’s important that, if possible, the patient completely acknowledges that hospice care is the right decision so that they can fully accept it. When it it’s time, talk to your doctor or hospital staff and ask for referrals to reputable hospice care providers.