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How to Memorialize Your Loved One


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Posted On: Jan 09, 2017

How to Memorialize Your Loved One

One of the hardest things to reconcile after the death of someone you love is the reality that you'll never see them again. The fear of forgotten details and faded memories is enough to rip your grief wide open all over again. Memorializing your loved one is a meaningful way to keep his or her memory alive and with you. There are scores of touching but creative ways to create a memorial or tangible touchstone for someone you miss with all of your heart.

Keep Their Ashes with You

In the event that your loved one decides on cremation, you can keep his or her ashes with you, always. That is, of course, the purpose of cremation, and you can, of course, keep the urn in your home or another special place. However, if you want to memorialize someone in a more unique, but still deeply personal way, you opt for urn jewelry. There are pendants, rings, lockets, and similar items that hold a small amount of the dearly departed's cremains. This allows you to keep him or her close to you at all times.

Turn Their Ashes into Something Else

This option also applies to cremation, and it is incredibly far-reaching. The ability to turn human remains into another object is quickly gaining in both popularity and creativity. Memorial diamonds and other gemstones have long been available, but now it's possible to turn a loved one's remains into more than just jewelry. Glass art, paint, fireworks, sculptures—there are endless possibilities, depending on what feels the most personal to you.

Create a Small Shrine

At home, or at any particular place that makes you think of your loved one, erect a small, thoughtful shrine. Place pictures, memorabilia, candles, and anything else that makes you think of the person you lost. This will allow you to commune with the memory of him or her anytime you feel the need. That's exceptionally helpful as you deal with your sadness and move through the grieving process.

Grow a Memorial Garden

A memorial garden is a beautiful way to honor someone you love. The act of gardening itself is soothing and calming, making it the perfect balm for grief. Watching the flowers, fruits, and vegetables blossom and bloom will lift your spirits and make you feel like your loved one is still with you. This also gives you another place to go and get in touch with the spirit of the departed.

The way you memorialize your loved one is important for many reasons. It's vital to remember the ones who pass on and remembering someone is essential to getting past your grief.