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How to Surround Yourself with People who Have Positive Attitudes


Loving & Caring Thoughts

Posted On: Jul 02, 2016

How to Surround Yourself with People who Have Positive Attitudes

If you are going through some tough times in your life, it’s important to try as hard as possible to keep a positive attitude. Doing this, of course, is much harder than it sounds. If dealing with grief or loss or depression was as simple as flipping a switch in your brain, none of these things would be problematic for us. But you can find others to help you stay positive in your thinking by finding friends who are positive thinkers. Here are a few ways to find insight on someone’s outlook on life by the actions that they take.

Find people who are helping others. Whether you see someone who is happy to hold the door for others or if they devote an entire weekend to charity work, chances are this person has a positive outlook on life. People who believe that they have a certain responsibility to others don’t have a cynical view on the world and will likely have some good advice and inspiration for you.

Look for others who are grateful. When you find someone who is appreciative of what they have in this world, you know that they don’t take anything for granted. In many ways, this type of person is a lot like the helpful personality in the last tip. People who are grateful for what they have—whether it’s a delicious meal at that moment or more substantial things like health and family—understand that there are others in the world who don’t have those things. It’s easy to take things for granted. In fact, you sometimes need to actively think about what you have to be grateful for the little things. If you can befriend people who are thankful for what they have, their positive attitude might prove to be infectious.

Listen for laughter. People who laugh out loud probably have a good sense of humor and a positive philosophy about life. At the very least, these kinds of people understand that laughter is sometimes the best medicine to get you through the tough times. Now, it’s important not to simply look for people with the loudest laughter to make friends with. Each of us has our own unique sense of humor. If someone has a cynical type of humor, they may be fun to listen to and spend time with, but they might not be the kind of positive person you’re looking for here.

Don’t judge yourself by these standards. When you’re looking for these gracious, grateful, and gregarious people to befriend, don’t be too down on yourself that they seem different from you at this time. In other words, don’t say to yourself “why can’t I be like that?” For all you know, some of these people went through tough times just like you and found these very same attributes in others to help them through. The point of finding people with a positive attitude is to help you start to see your future in a different way so that someday you might be helping someone else with your bright smile.