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Inspiring Activities to Soothe Your Sadness


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Posted On: Jan 06, 2017

Inspiring Activities to Soothe Your Sadness

Sadness sinks itself deep into your bones if you give it a chance. Periods of grief are perfectly understandable, but you still need to work past the hardest edges of your loss. Your sadness fades when it's ready, but in the meantime, soothing yourself is a high priority. This focus on yourself is essential for your emotional and mental health, plus it just makes you feel better during particularly difficult days.

Write a Letter to Your Loved One

The sad but honest fact is that there isn't always time to say goodbye when you lose someone or something. Even if death is somewhat expected, it's hard to reach closure and even if you're able, that does not mean that you will also feel closure after. One inspiring, helpful activity that can help you process your emotions, especially your grief and sadness, is to pen a letter to your loved one. Vent your emotions, including anger or denial. This is your time to say everything you didn't get a chance to say.

Nurture Your Spiritual Side

Perhaps you're religious; maybe you seek comfort in poetry or nature, or maybe you describe yourself as spiritual more than anything else. Regardless of your affiliation or lack thereof, getting in touch with that side of yourself can soothe your sadness and your raw, chafed soul like nothing else. Solitude, prayer, talking to an adviser, going to church, spending time outside—any one of these activities can help you.

Do Something in Your Loved One's Name

What's one thing your loved one always wanted to do but never got the chance? Do it in his or her name. This might involve going on an adventure, reading a particular book, or visiting a specific place. You'll feel so in touch with the person you lost, and you'll feel wonderful knowing you experienced something special that he or she would have loved.

Create Something Beautiful

Art is incredibly therapeutic and can even heal your grief. It doesn't matter if you're not artistic. Creating a painting, knitting, sculpting, decoupaging—there are so many ways to make art, so many creative outlets that will allow you to honor your loved one's passing while you soothe your sadness at the same time.

It's difficult to stay upbeat when you're sad, depressed, and grieving. However, it's essential to move past the worst, most painful stages of bereavement. What activities inspire you when you're hurting the most?