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Leaving Messages for Your Loved Ones before You Die


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Posted On: Feb 22, 2017

Leaving Messages for Your Loved Ones before You Die

How will your family function after you pass? How will they move on with their lives? You know they're going to be devastated, lost, and in mourning. They love you, which means you are central to their lives, each one of them. Your death will create empty spots, holes that cannot be completely filled by anything, not even time—as with any scar, a hollow always remains. Leaving something for your loved ones to find after you pass is a comforting act. They will cry, your precious circle, but they will also feel your presence, and they will each now have something concrete and personalized to remember you by—forever.

Write Each of Your Loved Ones a Letter

Writing a letter is a personal, loving act all its own. It's something tangible, something the recipient can read over and over again. Put down anything you want—what you're feeling at these last moments, the hopes you have for your loved one's future, what having that person in your life has meant to you. Share jokes, stories, puns—anything the two of you enjoyed together.

The way you choose to deliver your letter is up to you, as well. Leave them with someone you trust and instruct them to send the letters soon after you depart. If you're able to do it yourself, that's always an option, too. However, you can also leave them in a special place, a spot where only your loved one would think to look.

Create a Video for Each Person

A video, whether it's a semi-professional affair or something taken on a mobile device, is another lovely way to send a message to your family and close friends after you pass. You could make a video for all, but it's thoughtful and personal to create a video for each of your nearest and dearest.

The subject is your choice. You might just want to talk, ramble, or share some of your favorite memories. Perhaps you could take a video detailing some of your favorite things to do or places to go with each person.

The method of delivery is versatile here. It's possible you can even schedule videos to send to each loved one. Again, you could also ask a trusted relative or friend.

Leave a Secret Gift

If you're not much for writing or appearing on-camera, you could also leave a special trinket for those closest to you. Make it something meaningful between you and the recipient, something they can look at or touch anytime they want to remember you.

As mentioned, this may be bittersweet, but it's a touching, comforting gesture that, in the end, will bring your loved ones closer to closure and peace of mind.