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Mourners Lane Helps Keep Families in Touch with its Email Service


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Posted On: May 19, 2015

family email interaction

As families grow older, they sometimes find themselves living miles away from each other. This can sometimes make it difficult to meet up with each other in person more often than a few times a year or during the holiday season. One example of the difficulty of being away from family is how to mourn a lost loved one. It can be difficult to make it home for a funeral, and finding a place to mourn in the weeks and months after the loss could be impossible if the cemetery is far away.

Luckily, the world is becoming a smaller place due to the rapid advance of technology. Our family members and other loved ones might be physically miles away from each other, but the web connects us all every day. Virtual memorials from Mourners Lane give families a place to pay their respects to lost loved ones without being physically present. The online memorials also give people a place to meet up online and discuss their loved ones. Mourners Lane has incorporated an email service into its platform so that once people have become members of the site, it’s simple to stay in contact with each other and talk about what their loved ones meant to them.




         Members can stay in touch with other members by logging into their personal memorial page. The personal memorial page is a place for members to display their personal information such as their contact information and profile picture. To get in touch with other members of the website, you can search all active members and send them a greeting of your choice. Using this service, family members can keep the conversation going about their family and those they have lost. On birthdays or other special days, users can create new messages to talk about how special this particular day was to the deceased and what it meant to everyone else.

                It’s simple for current members to invite others to become members so that they can view and comment on the virtual memorial as well. A variety of privacy options are available for those who want to control who may view the memorial. And beyond just sending messages, you can also invite others to link their memorials with yours. If two separate members discover that their lost loved ones knew each other or were somehow associated, the memorials can be linked so that it’s simple to go from one memorial to the other and comment there.

                The virtual memorials at Mourners Lane are a great way for families to connect immediately after the funeral and for years in the future. From one place, members can pay their respects to their lost loved ones and check in on other friends and family members while they are there. There’s no need to look up email addresses or contact information, because it is all right there on the member profile page. With just a few clicks, you can begin telling your story to a group, memorializing those you love.