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New Year’s Resolutions to Stick with This Year


Lifestyle Improvement

Posted On: Jan 14, 2016

New Year’s Resolutions to Stick with This Year

It seems like everyone, regardless of their current fitness, resolves to eat healthier and exercise more in the New Year. It’s a good resolution to make, and even better if you can stick with it. And while the benefits of losing weight and eating right will feel good eventually, the resolution itself isn’t exactly fun. So let’s assume that you’re already working on this resolution while we focus on some other resolutions that you might not think of right away, even though they are things you should be mindful of. Here are some different resolutions that can be fun and engaging.

Get your finances in order. Ok, so this one might not be that fun on the surface, but a little bit of attention to your financial situation can go a long way. Don’t think of this one as “fixing” your finances, but instead making a plan to do so. So don’t set a goal to be out of debt by the end of the year. Instead, focus on mapping out a plan to pay down your debt. Other things you could think about include setting up a retirement account or drafting a will.

Explore new art and literature. Make a resolution to read a new book, see more art, or watch more classic movies. For instance, you could resolve to watch all of the movies on the American Film Institute’s Top 100 list. Or you could resolve to read a new book each week or see a new art exhibit once a month. Even of you don’t live near a lot of museums, you can take advantage of the Google Art Project to see collections from around the world.

Find a way to volunteer. Resolving to help others is one of the best things you can do with your time in the New Year. There are so many ways to offer your time to others, whether it is volunteering to help at a senior living center or helping to feed people at a soup kitchen. Think about what you are passionate about when choosing a charity to volunteer for.

Start a journal. There is no better way to examine your own thoughts each day than writing in a journal. You don’t need to limit yourself to the standard pen and paper version, either. Take advantage of the latest technology to create a photo or video journal, even sharing it online as a blog if you like. But don’t worry about creating a masterpiece with your journal. The most important thing is that you use the writing to find out more about yourself.

Find out more about meditation. This year could be the year that you discover all of the benefits of meditation. You only need a few spare minutes each day to begin meditating. Getting started couldn’t be easier. Look into guided meditations you can listen to with your headphones. Downloading meditation podcasts means that you can meditate at home, on the bus, on the train, or even a crowded public space.