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No, It's Not Just a “Rodent”


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Posted On: Mar 27, 2017

No, It's Not Just a “Rodent”

We spend a lot of times discussing the passing of traditional pets, such as dogs or cats, but those are not the only pets people own. Unfortunately, people assume that if you lose a hamster, a guinea pig, a rabbit, a gerbil, a rat, or even a ferret, you haven't really lost “much” of a pet.  “It's just a rodent,” people say, shrugging and awkwardly patting your shoulder.  “They don't live long anyway.” Statements like these are wrong on many levels, never mind their lack of tact and apathetic cruelty. For all of you who have lost a dearly beloved pocket pet, your grief is real. Your loss is real. The love you felt for your pet is real—and no, it is absolutely not just a “rodent.”

Small Pets, Big Bonds

There seems to be this idea that if a pet is small, you don't form a bond with it. That's a ludicrous misapprehension. Any pet that you love and nurture is important. Furthermore, any animal that experiences love and nurturing will bond with you. Rabbits, for example, are smart, affectionate, clever animals that will happily sleep in your bed and lounge in your lap. The same goes for hamsters, rats, gerbils, and guinea pigs. Their owners are a bit more careful, of course, but the bond is still there.

Life Expectancy Has No Effect on Love

At least, it shouldn't. That is to say, just because an animal may not have a long life expectancy, that doesn't mean that the animal isn't worthy of love, that it can't love in return, and that you can't create a bond with it. Everything is deserving of love. Besides that, people are terribly misinformed about the actual life expectancy of small pets, some of which rival the expectancy of dogs and cats. Besides that, this line of thinking implies that you can't mourn a young animal—or child—that dies unexpectedly just because it wasn't that old. That's ridiculous.

Every Animal Is Worthy of Love

No animal is “just” anything. No pet is “just” anything. Pets are everything to the people who care for them. A hamster is as important to its owner as a dog, cat, or horse is to its owner. To say otherwise comes dangerously close to suggesting that some animals deserve love more than others, and that's simply not true.

To the hamster lovers, the guinea pig fans, the rabbit parents, and all the other owners of small pets, your animals are divine. If you've lost a little buddy, you have our deepest sympathies. Please, share your experiences.