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Pet Memories


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Posted On: Aug 31, 2016

Pet Memories

Our beloved furry friends may be gone but never forgotten. There are specific moments that many of us remember when thinking of our pets who have passed. If you need time to reflect and respect the memory of your pet, there are many times you could look back on to bring back laughter, smiles, and tears.

Bringing Your Pet Home for the First Time

Most people remember bringing their pet home for the first time. Whether it was a puppy you received from a friend or an adult cat you adopted from an animal shelter, there was a sense of wonder and excitement you experienced that first day. You probably pet-proofed your home and purchased plenty of cute toys for them. You watched as they explored and sniffed your home and slowly accepted their new reality.

First Vet Visit

The first time your pet had to go to the vet, whether for a check-up, health concern, or shots, it was probably an unnerving experience. You were nervous about leaving your pet with someone else, even though they were a trained professional. There may have been concerns about your pet being afraid or having anxiety.  While you and your pet made it through this experience without an issue, it’s still one that stuck in your memory.

First Thing They Destroyed

It’s almost impossible to have a pet without a story of them destroying something the moment you look away. Whether it’s a door, couch, or our favorite pair of shoes, we all have a story. Of course, you scold them and try to discourage them from continuing the habit but at the same time you can’t help but laugh and appreciate how adorable your pet is.

First Time Your Pet was Ill

There are few things more unnerving than having someone you care about being in pain and unable to communicate with you. No matter what the issue is, the experience is incredibly scary and unnerving. You frantically call a vet, some of us in tears, and explain what you can only guess your pet is experiencing. You then make a nerve-wracking drive to the vet and have your pet checked in. All you can do is wait in the lobby for news. In this time, you realize how important your pets are to your family. You reflect on all of your experiences with them and how they have made you laugh, cry, and brought so much joy to your life.