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Picking Out the Perfect Headstone for the Deceased


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Posted On: Feb 10, 2017

Picking Out the Perfect Headstone for the Deceased

The headstone is often an afterthought following the passing of a loved one. Getting through everything else—the illness or injury preceding the death; the trauma of the death itself; the wake; the viewing; the burial arrangements—is hard enough. Those tasks take up all of your time and energy. The professionals at the funeral home will likely bring it to your attention, but even then, you're left choosing something that's meant to last forever while your mind is a million miles away. No one's ever fully prepared to pick out a headstone, even if they've planned for this moment, but if you keep this “checklist” in mind, you can make the best choice even if you don't have a lot of time.

The Simplest Inscription

Choosing the inscription is difficult for some mourners because they aren't sure what to put. You can start out simply. You can even keep things simple if you like. It all depends on the life, the personality, and the desire of the departed. To stick to the bare bones of what to put on a loved one's headstone, you can keep it clean and concise. Have their name inscribed, of course, along with the date of their birth and the date of their death. Many people choose to include details about the deceased, such as their status as a father or mother, wife or husband, or member of the military.

A Quote for the Ages

Do you want your loved one's memorial stone to include a quote? Biblical verses and lines from hymns are popular choices for both the religious and the secular. If your loved one had a favorite Bible verse or Psalm, consider inscribing that on the stone. Contrary to popular belief, however, the quotes on headstones do not have to come from the Bible. Feel free to include lines from poems, songs, or books that meant something to the departed. You can also choose a quote that makes you think of your loved one.

Shape and Size

The size and shape of the headstone, as well as the material, depend on several factors. What can you afford? Did the departed have a preference? This is a personal choice. You might go with a standard headstone with rounded edges and a clean cut surface. Then again, you might prefer a heart-shaped stone, or something more extravagant.

No one wants to think about burying someone they love, but it's something about which we all have to worry. Honor your loved one's memory with a beautiful stone that calls to mind the departed. It will mean the world when you visit her or his resting place.