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Preserve Memories Forever with a Virtual Memorial


Bereavement Relief

Posted On: Oct 10, 2014

Preserve Memories of Loved One

There was a time, not too long ago, when a couple of photo albums was a catalogue of all the memories a family might have together, at least the only hard copy of those memories. The photos album needed to be protected against moisture and other elements. How many times can you recall from the past hearing about how a family lost everything to a house fire, and just about everything would be replaceable except the photo albums—those were lost forever.       Times have changed. We may still keep photos albums around the coffee table to flip through, but we know that if we really want to protect our memories, it’s important to keep a digital copy of those photos somewhere out on the internet.

            When we mourn a lost loved one, we make sure that the monument to them is durable, such as a gravestone or an urn to hold their ashes, so that it is around for us to visit for years to come. But what if in addition to that standard memorial, a virtual memorial could exist online, one that could serve as a home for photos, stories, and comments from well-wishers around the world? An online virtual memorial can do just that and more. It can be a gateway for friends and family of the lost loved one to share their condolences and prayers wherever and whenever they like. And it would last forever.

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            Just like a conventional final resting place, the monument pieces at virtual memorials are entirely customizable. Family members can consult one another remotely to make a final decision on what the virtual headstone should look like. Unlike a traditional cemetery, a virtual cemetery allows mourners to pick a track of music to greet visitors when they come to pay their respects. The music can be a favorite song that the deceased loved and wanted to be remembered by. Or it could be something that captures the spirit of the lost loved one, something that is sure to put a little smile on the face of friends and family members who have come to pay a visit.

            And because a virtual memorial lasts forever, future family members will be able to visit it, too. Think back to your memories of what you knew about your great-grandparents. For many people, what they know about their family three generations ago consists of just one or two grainy black and white photos and stories from their parents. Imagine being able to someday show your kids a virtual memorial for a grandparent or other relative who your children have never met. Instead of just a photo, they would have a rich understanding of who that person was and what they were like. They would be able to see what others had to say about them and how much they were loved. And they would be able to share the same virtual memorial with their kids one day, introducing the latest generation to a detailed description of what their family was like four generations ago.