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Preserve Memories of your Pets -- Virtual Memorials are not Just for People


Pet's Memories & Love

Posted On: Mar 23, 2015

It’s a sad reality that pet owners consistently outlive their pets. And if you’re a pet lover, you are likely to have outlived your fair share of pets over the years. Saying goodbye to a beloved dog or cat that has become like a member of the family can be just as difficult as losing any other family member for some people. Planning a proper memorial for the pet can help family members deal with the grief, however. One unique way to memorialize your pet is with a virtual memorial online.

Losing a pet becomes even more complicated and painful when a child has taken a liking to a dog, cat, or other animal member of the family. For many children, especially for those who were born after the family had already taken in a dog or two, the family pets were just always there as a part of the family. Having to say goodbye to a dog forever is an almost incomprehensible thing for a young child. While the child might not understand death, he or she will eventually recognize that the dog isn’t coming back. But this is where a virtual pet memorial can serve a great purpose in helping children cope with the loss. Unlike a gravestone, an online virtual memorial can show photos, videos, and comments from other family members about the pet, allowing the child to revisit memories about the pet from the comfort of home.

The ability for others to comment on the page and leave their respects on the virtual memorial page can be great to help with coping with the loss, as well. When a child—or any adult for that matter—sees aunts, uncles, grandparents, and family friends remarking on how much they miss the family pet, it allows for those grieving the loss feel the love from others near and far.

Beyond this ability for many different people to access the virtual memorial is not the only reason that an online memorial is much more powerful than a typical physical memorial, like a final resting place. Because it is online, the virtual memorial lasts forever. It’s not uncommon for young adults who lost a pet as a youngster to feel pangs of grief and longing for a pet years after he or she is gone. Imagine a college freshman feeling lonely during her first year of school. Going online to revisit memories of their beloved pet might just be what she needs to help get her through a rough week.

Going online to visit the pets you have lost doesn’t always need to be for help with the grieving process, however. If you have a memorial for each of the pets you have lost over the years, going back to celebrate their memories online with family, friends, or just yourself can be a pleasant trip down memory lane that allows you to celebrate the time you had with your best friends.