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Rebuilding Your Self-Esteem


Lifestyle Improvement

Posted On: Sep 06, 2016

Rebuilding Your Self-Esteem

Life can really take a toll on us at times. We can lose our sense of self because of a failed relationship, termination from a job, a decrease in social status, or a myriad of other circumstances. During these times we can become overwhelmed, self-loathing, and critical of our own feelings and actions. The negative views we develop about ourselves will never help us improve our situation or bring back our happiness. Restoring self-esteem after experiencing adversity is one of the first steps towards becoming a happier and more resilient person. Here are a few ways to rebuild your self-esteem during hard times.

Words of Encouragement

Find a phrase or quote that inspires you and say it to yourself every day. This will encourage positive thinking, which encourages a “can do” attitude. If we focus on how we can make our situation better, we are less likely to dwell on the bad. You can take this a step further and find a person who inspires and encourages you. It could be a supervisor, industry leader, friend, family member, or famous person. Think of ways you can improve on the qualities you admire most about this person.

Push Away Negative Thoughts

This can feel almost impossible in the beginning but it can truly change your outlook on life. Push out negative thoughts by focusing on what you can do to improve your future. Were terminated from your job? Learn a new skill for your industry that will help make you an integral part of the next company you work for or learn skills needed for freelancing. Are you getting out of a bad relationship? Instead of obsessing on what didn’t work, think about the lessons you’ve learned and how it has helped you grow as a person.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

While it’s easy to compare ourselves to others, it’s also dangerous to our mental health and self-esteem. On the surface, it may look like someone else is living the perfect life that we’ve always dreamed of but in reality, they have problems just like everyone else. Instead of comparing yourself to others, think about the good things that you have in your life.

Do Things You Enjoy

If something makes you feel good about yourself, you should do it as often as you can. Everyone needs positive hobbies that allow them to train and improve themselves. Doing something you enjoy is likely to help you think more positively. Don’t have something that you love to do? Try different activities until something sticks. Some great hobbies to try include blogging, photography, sports, crafts, painting, and volunteering.