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Self-Care Activities for the Grieving Family


Grieving Process

Posted On: Feb 16, 2017

Self-Care Activities for the Grieving Family

The family that grieves together heals together. If you've experienced a loss as a family, then you'll likely travel through the grieving process as a family, as well. More to the point, you'll experience the healing process together. This is critical because if you don't heal together, you may not heal at all. You cannot all go off in different directions at once. You can't shut down and stop talking to each other or checking in with each other. Help one another get through this devastating time by practicing self-care activities as a family.

A Simple Walk Helps

A daily walk, be it around the block or along a hiking trail, is the perfect example of self-care. It's also an ideal group activity. Being outside in the fresh air is well-known to aid the healing process. Is the sun shining? That's even better. Exercise is also an excellent healing agent. Moreover, you can spend your walk talking to each other, drawing each other out, or meditating in silence. Make this a regular occurrence, perhaps twice weekly. Everyone will have ample time to talk or mourn quietly.

Engage in Something Artistic

Painting, sculpting, writing, making music—there are all sorts of creative outlets that help the healing process. You can often express your feelings through creative mediums in ways you can't say out loud. Whether you do this in a larger group or keep it limited to the family, doing something artistic or creative together can open up the lines of communication and allow everyone to discuss their emotions.

Attend a Healing Retreat Together

If the bereavement you feel as a family is too deep and too widespread to deal with on your own, you should consider attending a healing retreat. They last for any length of time, ranging from long weekends to one, two, and three-week excursions. Getting away as a family and joining an environment that encourages expressions of grief can significantly help the pain.

Be there for each other. Love each other. Listen to each other. You can get through this devastating time together.