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Staying Connected with Family through a Virtual Memorial


Remembrance of Loved One

Posted On: Oct 07, 2014

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Organizing a funeral or memorial service is not a small affair. You need to find a funeral home to have the viewing, coordinate with the cemetery or crematorium about burial or cremation, and round up all of your family members, who might be scattered to all corners of the country. By the time all of this is over, you barely had time to speak with other family members to really grieve along with them, let alone tend to your own grief. And if you were especially close with the lost loved one, it might be some time before you’re ready to truly deal with the loss. By the time you are really prepared to speak with your family about what the loss truly meant to you, everyone has gone home.

            One way to deal with this disconnect is by using a virtual memorial. A virtual memorial is a place online where friends and family members of the lost loved one can go to pay their respects weeks, months, or years after the funeral. Oftentimes, even when families are close by, the real challenging parts of the grieving process don’t even arise for a while after we’ve said goodbye. We’re expected to say all we need to say about the loss and our grief while at the funeral or viewing, but sometimes this just isn’t possible. But a virtual memorial is the perfect solution for this.


            By providing a forum where everybody feels comfortable sharing their thoughts of the deceased, a virtual memorial serves this extended grieving process well. Friends, family, and well-wishers can stop into the virtual memorial at a time of their convenience, or whenever they find themselves thinking about the loved one they lost.

            There, they can read the comments others have left, and have time to think about what they really want to say in remembrance of the person they have lost. Many times, during the funeral and viewing emotions are still too raw for people to come up with the right thing to say. Like so many other times in life, you think of the perfect thing to say in the car ride home or later that night while trying to fall asleep. The virtual memorial gives you a chance to say these things and have other grieving people hear them.

            And because it is online, the virtual memorial will last forever. So it’s not just the family of today that is being connected by the online memorial, future generations will also be able to look back and see what their ancestors had to say about one another. It is a huge shift in thinking to be able to have a full picture of what your great-grandfather might have been like and what others had to say about him. For many people, the stories our grandparents and parents told us had to suffice. With a virtual memorial, future generations will be able to see a celebration of their ancestors’ lives for themselves.