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Tacky Behaviors to Avoid during Viewings and Funerals


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Posted On: Jun 08, 2017

Tacky Behaviors to Avoid during Viewings and Funerals

We spend so much time talking about the proper behavior that's expected during wakes, viewings, and funerals that we rarely discuss the behaviors you need to avoid. Of course, that's primarily because most of us know how to behave during a time of intense sadness and bereavement. Living in the 21st century poses a whole new set of possible faux pas, however. It's not a generational problem, as millennials and the generations after them, as a majority, know how to behave during serious affairs. A few rotten apples spoil the bushel, unfortunately. In keeping with the times, here are a few modern but tacky practices to avoid during viewings and burials.

Don't Talk about It on Social Media

Social media is not the place to discuss funeral arrangements, viewing plans, or anything of that nature. It's certainly not the place to announce someone's death or to talk about their final moments. The except is asking people to keep friends and family in their thoughts, but even then, it's better not to say a word until everyone who needs to know the details has been informed—in person. You never share such devastating news over social media—or text messages, for that matter.

No Selfies, No Matter What

Yes, this has happened. People, often tweens and teens but sometimes young adults and grown-ups who should know better, take selfies with, near, or at the funerals of their dead relatives. This can technically fall under the social media rule, but it's a tasteless practice that deserves its own mention. Your camera has no place at the funeral. Do not take selfies during wakes, viewings, or funerals. Do not.

Don't Check into the Funeral

Another weird, tacky habit is to check-in at funerals and wakes. In other words, people check their location on social media to let everyone know that they're in the process of saying good-bye to a loved one. There is no need for this. Don't do it.

This Is Not the Place for Snapchat

Snapchat funeral videos and selfies are regrettably making the rounds as well. This is doubly disrespectful because it often captures people on video while they are genuinely mourning. You have no right to document anyone else's anguish. It's not the place for an app.

Youth and inexperience aren't excuses. Funerals are sorrowful, serious events deserving of proper respect. Have you ever witnessed anyone behaving badly at a viewing or funeral?