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The Importance and Benefits of Self-Discipline


Lifestyle Improvement

Posted On: Aug 18, 2015

Self-Discipline tips blog

Just about all personal accomplishments can be traced back to an individual’s capacity for self-discipline. Self-discipline is the ability to recognize that instant gratification might not be the best way to accomplish your long-term goals. We all have bad habits and we all have our own methods for conquering them. But no matter what process you’re using to rid yourself of bad habits, you will only be successful if you develop some amount of self-discipline to control your impulses and focus on the path ahead.

                Self-discipline doesn’t necessarily mean denying yourself all of the pleasures in life. If you’re seeking to lose weight, it doesn’t mean that you never have a piece of chocolate for the rest of your life. Instead, real success comes with knowing when it’s appropriate to take part in some of life’s more enjoyable things and when you need tell yourself that a larger piece of cake is just going to keep you from attaining your long term goal. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of good self-discipline.

  1. Your goals will be more attainable. It turns out that when you focus on your long term goals instead of what makes you happy right now, you reach those goals much sooner. The great part about accomplishing your goals sooner is that you’ll be inspired to tackle more and more goals because you will believe in yourself more.
  2. You will be more productive. By focusing on the big tasks and not being bogged down by bad habits, you’ll find that you’re able to get more things done in less time. By staying focused on the task at hand and not being distracted, you actually make more time for those fun distractions later once the hard work is complete.
  3. You’ll gain self-confidence. There’s nothing healthier for your sense of self-worth than telling yourself you can do something big and then seeing yourself realize that dream. You’ll plan bigger and better goals as your self-confidence builds because you know that you’re capable of attaining them.
  4. You won’t sweat the small stuff. Daily problems won’t seem quite as big anymore once you teach yourself good self-discipline. When you solve problems by keeping focused, you teach yourself that you’re perfectly capable of handling obstacles and finding a way to get the job done. Each new problem will just be something that you know you can tackle because you have done it before.
  5. You’ll be healthier. When you’re disciplined, you’ll find that you have more time during the day because you’re working smarter. You can use this time to exercise, take walks, or play sports that you love. But all this extra time aside, you’ll see that staying focused improves your mental health and reduces stress, which could otherwise lead back to the bad habits you’re working to get away from.
  6. You’ll be respected by others. People admire those who are able to accomplish things, and will look up to you as a role model if you exhibit self-discipline.