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The Pros and Cons of Getting a New Pet Right Away


Loving & Caring Thoughts

Posted On: Jan 19, 2017

The Pros and Cons of Getting a New Pet Right Away

Pets are like family. The loss of a pet is, in many cases, just as heartbreaking as the loss of a family member or friend. After a pet dies, there's a hole in your life. Suddenly, all the energy you put into caring for your animal has nowhere to go. There's no furry little ball of unconditional love waiting for you at the end of each day. Pet owners are firmly divided about what happens next. Should you immediately look for a new pet, or should you wait until you've healed before you find your next dog, cat, bird, or lizard?

A New Pet Distracts You from Your Grief

Naturally, your new pet is more than just a distraction. If you choose to get a new animal right away, you're ideally doing so because you want a creature to care for and love. That being said, you also can't deny that having an animal that depends on you does distract you from feelings of loss, sadness, and heartache. You still have to deal with your grief, of course, but having another dog or hedgehog to love provides an outlet for some of your pain.

You May Compare the New Pet to the Old Pet

Constantly comparing your new pet to the pet who recently passed isn't good for anyone. Your new pet simply cannot fill the shoes—or the leash—of your former animal. That pet was special, just as this pet is unique in his or her own way. Don't expect your new fur-baby to take on the traits or personality of any other animal. The new pet is an individual. He or she is an addition, not a replacement.

Everyone May Not Feel Ready

You have to make sure you're ready before you bring a new pet into the home. Make sure your family, friends, or roommates are ready, too. Although taking care of an animal can and does distract from your grief, that premise can also backfire. There's a chance you're still too sad to properly care for a new pet. Just do a feelings check before you make a final decision.

In general, it's up to each pet owner to decide when they are ready for a new animal. Some people cannot even dream of adopting a new pet for months or years. Others are ready for a new animal within weeks. There's no wrong or right choice, only the choice that works for you.